The 5 best VPS Windows 2019 hosting packages

So you are ready for a Windows VPS! This powerful hosting solution can provide you with a host of robust resources and features, including easy remote access and a familiar Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface).

So, what’s the catch? To start with, some hosting providers offer the latest server operating system, Windows Server 2016, while others offer (very) outdated versions. Some companies are so retro that they provide the 2003 version!

In addition, the definition of “managed” hosting differs from one company to another. Not to mention the licenses. Windows hosting requires licenses for everything from control panels to databases.

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Read on to find out what the best Windows VPS companies have to offer, and which one is right for you.

Our selection of the best VPS Windows hosting

  • Hostinger – A very popular hosting service that offers a choice of four quality Windows VPS configurations
  • Liquid Web – A true premium experience offering extremely powerful virtual machines with a host of useful and interesting additional features
  • Hostwinds – Fully customizable, from the simplest to the most fully managed, allows you to provide the accurate VPS you need
  • InterServer – A 100% American company that offers a variety of powerful VPS configurations to American customers and visitors
  • GoDaddy – This reputable web host offers some Windows VPS packages. Although resources are sufficient, additional features can quickly become expensive

The elements we are looking for in the best Windows VPS providers

During my tests, I tried to launch an application developed for 2016 on a 2008 VPS. The results were catastrophic. I also tried unmanaged hosting, and discovered that it was very similar to a Tamagotchi. And I was equally saddened when he… went to the farm.

The 5 best VPS Windows 2019 hosting packages

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