Day: August 28, 2019

The 5 best VPS Windows 2019 hosting packages

So you are ready for a Windows VPS! This powerful hosting solution can provide you with a host of robust resources and features, including easy remote access and a familiar Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface). So, what’s the catch? To start with, some hosting providers offer the latest server operating system, Windows Server 2016, while […]

KISS Linux: a new independent distribution to discover

Developer Dylan Araps recently formalized an independent Linux distribution focused on simplicity and confidentiality, called KISS Linux, noting in passing that some prior knowledge of Linux (or other UNIX systems) is required for a good introduction. The distribution currently targets the x86-64 architecture and is only available in English. “I went from distribution to distribution […]

Which web host and vps server to choose in 2019?

Shared hosting (also called shared hosting) means that you share a server with other sites and hosting accounts. Features and performance are often more limited and these packages are generally intended for sites that do not use a lot of bandwidth. Perfect if you are a beginner or if your site is small and does […]

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